zSeries Server and Coupling Facilities

LPAR Definitions, Dynamic Storage Reconfiguration,
Dynamic I/O-Definition (ESCON / FICON), Coupling-Facility Definitions, Open Systems Adapter (Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet-, FDDI-, ATM- Definitions), Operational Support Services and Education  

Sysplex Timer 9037


Basic and Expanded Availability Configuration,
Console- and CLO-Configuration, External Time Source Implementation

Data Transport solutions and Channel Extenders

Implementation of data transport solutions for:
Disaster Recovery backup
Disk mirroring (PPRC)
Disk mirroring (XRC)

Tape vaulting
Remote printing
Channel extension
LAN interconnection
Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex

ESCON- and FICON Directors

High availability (Multi-Site) Configurations
Management with SA for z/OS

DASD Subsystems

Installation & Configuration (HCD-Definition), Peer-to-Peer-Remote-Copy (PPRC) and P/DAS Dynamic address switching, XRC (Extended Remote Copy), SnapShot Copy (NanoCopy, FlashCopy), TDMF Support, Volume Administration and Systems Management

Tape Subsystems

Installation & Configuration
SMS managed Tapes
Tape management
Peer-to-Peer solutions for Tape

Cross Platform Tape Management

Communication Controller
and compatible

Installation & Configuration in Multisystem ESCON- and Parallel Environments

IBM and OCE High Performance Printers

Installation & Configuration in Multisystem ESCON- and Parallel Environments


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